Wednesday, 26 January 2011

1 - I had just been trying to photograph a christmas tree through someones front window and was stopped by a couple in their 50's leaning out of their window telling me 'you can't take pictures here'. I tried to engage them in a dialogue explaining that I wasn't trying to pose any threat but just exploring the area. Yet they took my picture with a zoom lens and insisted that it was private property and that I should leave straight away. After having my picture taken and arguing the toss for few minutes I cycled away around the corner and took this picture.

2 - I cycled up behind this man standing stationary and without being heard. I stopped and waited for a few minutes and the picture was there before me.. all I had to do was press the shutter. I cycled on for 20 minutes before turning around and heading back. When I passed the same spot the man was sitting down on the bench covering his face and audibly crying, holding his face and weeping. I thought for a brief second about stopping to ask what was wrong but of course I carried on.

3 - I had been hanging around by the beach watching people wander by and thinking about my reasons for being interested in being there and wanting to photograph. I turned around to cycle home, got to the end of the pathway and watched a woman scrubbing away at her car with a sponge and bucket. This lasted for about 2 or 3 minutes before she picked up the bucket and walked away. I took a photograph and went home.