Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm still undecided as to how well these work, and even if they work at all. In the series of 10 images shown below, the view alternates between looking out towards the sea across a seemingly uninhabitable and faceless landscape, to looking back towards land and an unmanageable scene of a cliff face slowly falling apart due to the effects of constant weathering and erosion. This deliberate sequencing intends to implicate the viewer by providing a sense of being trapped and therefore encouraging contemplation of their own position.

The overlaying of images you see above is playful experiment on this idea, almost giving the impression of looking through a window onto the landscape. The complex nature of trying to understand and rationalise what you are seeing seems key to the viewing experience, but maybe the detail and variation in the pictures is a little confusing.. there is still an element of the picturesque here. I think trying this again with slightly plainer images might make the overlaying more successful.