Friday, 6 May 2011

End of year exhibition is tomorrow. The two images I'm showing (40" x 33" in size) are displayed above and are going to be hung opposite each other. For the exhibition a statement for the work is required, so I've been forced to put my thoughts about this work into some words:

"The two photographs displayed here are taken from a series made in areas of natural deterioration along the coastline of West Wales. In this work documenting an investigation into the effects of time, I am seeking to remove the viewer from 'the cotton wool of daily life' and encourage consideration of their own position.

Confronted with evidence of geological processes stretching over a vast period we are persuaded to examine our understanding of time, and relative temporary existence of life as we know it now.

The influence of the medium is apparent. These small sections caught within the frame, depicting the ageing of the Earth are recorded in great detail, and then consumed in a matter of seconds. The compressing of time that occurs in this process mirrors the viewing experience and allows a state of heightened recognition."