Monday, 14 May 2012

Beauty Spots takes a seemingly direct look at the persistent desire for involvement in areas of pre-ordained natural beauty.  

Landscape has gradually been tamed and subject to cultural modification so as to enable an ordered experience of the natural world.

The part-staged scenes allow no identification of place, depicting a universally rehearsed experience and a view onto our relationship with landscape as a form of commodified leisure.  

'...Man does not naturally form part of the landscape.  He stands not in, but facing nature.'  (Henk Van Os, 2008)


Some words that together do a reasonable job of summing up my intentions with this piece of work.  As usual it's been forced out of me; the above will appear as a short artist's statement in the catalogue along with three images.

I have plenty more words written (typed) down, mostly passing thoughts and subconscious ramblings that don't come together in any particularly profound or resolute way, but I will endeavour to share more at some point soon.